Curriculum Vitae of Igor Koposov

August 2018 — currently

JX Carbon. Shanghai Jixi Carbon Co., Ltd.

Shanghai, China


Our company specializes in the production of RP, HP, SHP, UHP Graphite electrodes with nipples made of 100% imported needle coke for EAF, LF with diameters from 100mm-700mm.
We provide not only products but also technical service/support and consulting. We welcome your inquiries.

Graphite & Carbon

Graphite Electrodes Market Consultant, Market Analysis, Specialist
Graphite Electrodes,
Carbon Electrodes,
Ramming Paste,
Petroleum Coke,
Needle Coke,
Welcome to join our Group: Graphite & Carbon Electrodes manufactures | Ferroalloys | Refractories 石墨碳素 | 铁合金 | 耐火材料
This group will be interesting for Graphite electrodes producers, buyers. Graphite electrodes raw materials suppliers (needle coke, petroleum coke, pitch…), Refractory materials for EAF, LF…Ferroalloys. Market Conference,s Exhibitions, Events organizers

July 2003 — currently

KitaiRU.Net – Multilingual (Russian, Chinese, English) B2B Marketplace for Sellers and Buyers


CEO and Founder at is a B2B marketplace for suppliers. We have more than 100 000 suppliers and customers all over China and the APAC area. We target specific industries and deliver our customers a better experience than big platforms like Alibaba. We have a dedicated customer support team which helps you handle and negotiate the deal.

November 2017 — august 2018

Graphite & Carbon

Our company is specialized in different activities such as:

Raw materials: petroleum coke, calcined anthracite, needle coke, coal tar pitch, metallurgical coal, carburizer. Ferromanganese, ferrosilicon manganese, ferrosilicon, ferrochrome.

Main products: Graphite electrodes for EAF, LF, carbon electrodes for Submerged furnaces, cathode blocks, anode blocks for aluminum electrolysis cells, electrode paste, isostatic graphite, specialty graphite, carbonaceous materials, refractories for steelmaking industry.
Graphite blocks, electrodes, anodes scrap.

The products are widely used in aluminum, steel, silicon, ferroalloys, chemical, nuclear, engineering, aerospace, electronics and power industries. Electric Arc Furnace, Submerged arc furnace, electrolyzer.
Manufacturing process: Mixing, Extrusion, Baking, Graphitization, Machining, Packing.


Metalworking machines and equipment: CNC machine, grinding equipment, EDM Equipment (electrical discharge machining), sheet metal machinery, gear machine, forging and extruding equipment.

Heavy Lifting Equipment: Overhead Crane, Gantry Crane, Port and Container Crane.

Mining Machinery, Conveying Equipment

Metallurgical equipment: Blast Furnace, Electric Arc Furnace, Ladle Furnace, Converter, Continuous Casting Machine and its Equipment, Rolling Mill.

Engineering and Technology: Metallurgical Complex Projects, Iron and Steel.

Our geography: Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Turkey, Iran.

October 2013 — January 2017

Energoprom Group representative office in Eastern and South-Eastern Asia

Shanghai, China,

Chief Representative

Responsibilities: Business development, sales, marketing and procurement in Great China and South-East Asia Market research and analysis. Production facilities inspection and quality. Active participation in the industry forums and exhibitions and conferences in the region. Company affiliation to the industry, association in SEA

Main products: Carbon electrodes, graphite electrodes, cathode blocks, electrode paste, special graphite.

Industry:Metal SiliconAluminiumSteel Making, Ferroalloy.
Raw materials: antracite, coal, petroleum coke, pitch, needle coke.
Good knowledge of Chinese regions for different kind of products and production (metal silicon, aluminium and steel making plants).

January 2008 — September 2013


Managing Director

Setup the Kitairu China branch: real estate, legal and administrative procedures.
Established in 2006, Russia; Kitairu is specialized in import-export logistics and consulting.
Kitairu China has 32 employees. As the managing director, I created the different department necessary for the company business; develop and adjust the logistic schemes; consult and search for potential suppliers from China; monitor and control logistics (air delivery, rail transportation, shipping, multimodal transportations, express delivery), customs registration, suppliers’ offers analysis; technical and commercial negotiations; schedule of deliveries and payments; drawing up reports for the headquarter; preparation and approval of import contracts within the Company; participation In claim settlement, legal maintenance, accounting, quality inspection and continuous improvement plan implementation. Factories auditing, goods quality check and inspection in China. Develop Cost reduction plan and development pipelines. Develop an exhibition plan in China and Hong-Kong
We have diverse customers such as Colgate-Palmolive, Guinness Heineken, Russian Standard, Coca-Cola, etc.
Our products: Promotional items and gifts, self-tapping screws, bolts, nuts, washers, anchors, rigging hardware, drills, and diamond saw blades.
Polypropylene pipes and fitting.
Inverter generators.
Pipe Extrusion Line.
CNC lathe (Headman).
School backpacks.
Ceiling boards.
Solar garden lights.
Aluminum composite panel, Aluminum coil, zinc-coated steel strip, stainless steel sheet.
Truck Spare Parts: Automatic brake adjusters, spring brake chambers, oil filters, brake pads.
I also have knowledge of how to:
Promote trademarks, products, and brands in China.
Design and promote websites in Chinese search engines.
Register and promote An official account in Wechat, Weibo.
Promote your brand on social media.
Increase Brand Awareness for a Product in China.
Branding E-reputation.
Help to sell your products online in China.
Promotional Activities.
Offline Sales
Baidu SEO, SEM
Targeting advertisement.
Lead Generation.
DSP Advertisement.

January 2005 — December 2008


Shanghai, China

Chief Representative

Sett up a Representative office in mainland China.
Factories selection, supplier selection, closing contract, payment issuing, quality control and monitoring, deliveries. Monitoring the whole South East Asia.

January 2004 — January 2005



Head of Purchasing department

Responsible for organizing and maintaining a central facility for the purchase of fasteners and building materials on the best price. Search for potential suppliers from China; analysis of offers from suppliers; technical and commercial negotiations; monitoring deliveries schedule and payments; drawing up reports for the management; preparation and approval of import contracts within the Company; participation in claim settlement

December 2002 — November 2003

JSC Atomstroyexport


Chinese InterpreterAdministrative work in the Human resources department. Meeting with experts, ensuring visa support, meeting with delegations, interpretation, participation in technical and commercial negotiations.

2002 Moscow State Pedagogical University

Faculty of elementary classes, Philology

2001 Beijing Capital Normal University

Linguistics, Chinese language